Hi! Welcome to my course homepage. From this website you will be able to find out important information about your course and me. Please check this website frequently for any updates about your coursework. If you need to get in contact with me, then please email me at craigeben@gmail.com. Note: I use my gmail account for all of my classes.



I went to Rutgers College for my BA in History/Political Science and a minor in Psychology. At Rutgers I completed independent studies in college teaching and an internship at the Public Defenders Office. (This is when I realized I didn't want to go into law.) After graduating, I taught at a catholic high school social studies and went for my first Masters at Monmouth University. At Monmouth, I received an MA in Liberal Studies concentrating in Communications and Psychological Counseling and a MA in Psychological Counseling. After my first MA, I immediately started to teach at the college level. (2006) I completed additional coursework to earn my LAC. (Licensed Associate Counselor)

Attendance Policy:

-Attendance will be taken almost every class.
-If you are taking a class that meets twice a week, then you can be absent two times without penalty to your grade.
-If you are taking a class that meets once a week, then you can be absent one time without penalty to your grade
-For each absence over your allotted amount, you will lose 5 points from your overall grade
-Be aware these absences are for any reason, including illness
-If you are sick for longer then the allotted days absent, then you should consider dropping the class because you missed too many classes to be successful. However, if you do not mind losing the points, then you should stay enrolled in the course.